6 jun 2018

Protexamos o mundo animal

This year we have been learning about the animals, but we found out there are many animals in danger of extintion and there is animal abuse all around the world. So we decided to discover why some of this animals are in danger and we did a project in the english class about them.
The infantil kids discovered the donkeys are disapearing. There used to be many of these animals in all the villages in Galicia, and in Spain, but nowadays is quite difficult to find some of these strong, stubborn and clever animals.

In first grade kids are worried about the Blue Whale, so we were finding information about them, about the reasons why they are in danger, and also, the ways we can help them, and we made a Lapbook with all this information.
In second grade half class are worried about the Crocodile in the river Nile and some are worried about the Polar Bear. So we split the class in two groups and we investigate about them. So we did in third grade with the Jaguar and the Panda Bear, and in forth grade with the Iberian Lynx and the Orangutan in Borneo.Finally, in fifth grade kids are worried about elephants. In all this groups we made a lapbook  with the information we found, so our friends from other levels could discover it. In the sixth grade group we thought over all the enviroment problems and animal abuse that are harming animals. We wrote some claims trying to protect them.

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