6 may 2014

Our Celtic roots!

As this year we have been working about the project: "Vivamos como galegos, coñezamos Galicia", we though it is very important that we learn about our origens.
We could find out that Galicians are coming from a celtic culture as well as Irish and Scotish people. Therefore, we have got  many things in common as: monuments, festivals, music, traditions...
As María, the conversation assistant is from Scotland, we could discover with her, all the celtic features of the scotish culture.

In the english class we were learning about our ascendants “The Celts”.
The littlest kids discovered that in the center of Vigo, there is a hill called “O Castro”. And they found out that this name comes from an ancient town, whose ruins can still be seen in this hill. They also could learn more about them through the story of “King Arthur” or the Asterix and Obelis adventures. 

In 1st grade they made a beautifull poster drawing  all the items they learn about the Celts. 

In 2nd and 3rd grade we learnt a lot of information through a  Quest, based on the presentation the teacher made for us. 

In 4th, 5th and 6th grade we  worked in small groups to find out information about the Celtic culture in Galicia. We were looking for information in the library, at home and internet, then we prepared the presentation to share this information with all of the other students. 

We learnt who were the celts, where they came from, where  they lived, about  their religion, their economy, art, battles and weapons, and their festivals and music. 

In 5th and 6th we worked with María about our common celtic roots between Galicia and Scotland. She made a presentation and then we discussed about all the things both countries have in common. In small groups we made a poster with this similitarities under the tittle: “Scotland and Galicia... the Celtic Nations”.

As part of the project “Vivamos como galegos… Coñezamos Galicia”  and “Celtic Roots”, all the kids in Primary made a medallion with a Celtic Symbol and following the Sargadelos Style. We discovered how important was this company for the Galician Art and culture along the last century. 

In the arts classes we were working on the project  “Carbi  meets… Galicia”

And here you can see the result and find out more about our work :


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