3 may 2015


The topic we have been searching about this year is "Water". So here we are going to tell everything we did in the different levels:
In Infantil we were watching some videos where we could know some animals from the sea.

In the first cycle we watched these videos, but we tried to find out more animals that like living in the water not only the sea animals. With these animals we were making a book that can be seen in the English corner of the library.

The result was great!!!
In third grade, we watched a video about the importance of water in earth and then, we began searching about all the uses that we can give to water.

In forth grade after watching the same video we were searching about all the places where we can find water. Then we made a Powerpoint presentation.

In fifth grade we were finding out all the information about water, and telling everything in a "Impress presentation". You can watch it in this video:


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