2 jul 2014


1st and 2nd grade took Carbi to some of the best locations in Vigo like the Zoo, Samil Beach, García Barbón theatre, Balaídos, the airport of Vigo, Carballal School... and many others.
There, Carbi lived adventures and discovered our beautiful city. 

3rd and 4th grade took Carbi to the place he knows better: the sea. Carbi visited many lighthouses like Illa Pancha, Fisterra, Tower of Hércules and others. And also visited some of the islands in Galicia like San Simón, Ons, Cíes...
He spent a good time with pirates and marine creatures such as penguins, mermaids, jellyfish and others. 

With 5th and 6th grade Carbi discovered many places in Galicia, all along the way to Compostela. He visited Triacastela, Arzúa, Melide... and many others. 
Carbi now can wear the scallop shell proudly! 

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